What we do

LAMPHOLDERS provides an online sales service aimed at realizing the creative ideas of designers, architects, design, lighting design, eco lighting design, lighting designers, furniture designers, DIY enthusiasts ... who use to build design lamps, traditional materials such as wrought iron, wood, stone, ceramic, porcelain ... modern materials such as polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel  ... transparent plexiglass, colored ... and second or third life materials transforming them into vintage lamps.
The service includes the sale of a vast range of lampholders, colored lamp holders, cables, colored cables, plugs, switches ... and accessories for lamps suitable for led, fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lighting systems.
LAMPHOLDERS produces in Italy lighting systems also custom-made in the required quantities, in a very short time, with colored surface treatments even in exclusive.
We are experts in the construction of the electrical part of the lamps, we optimize the use of electrical components even with the introduction of LED bulbs, to use and consume the fewest possible resources and promote sustainable development. The components used in lighting systems are certified and marked in compliance with the standards in force in Italy, Europe or in the foreign state to which they vere intended, to guarantee the electrical safety and quality of the components.