Privacy Policy

According and for the effects of the provisions of D.LGS. of June 30, 2003, No. 196 Code on security of personal information (hereinafter the "Code"), we inform you that your personal information, furnished and / or captured thereafter, will be used by Burel Renato, in Italy and foreign through electronic and manual in accordance with the Code and current regulations in matter of Privacy.
The information collected are used for the following
• a) subscribe to a service;
• b) enter into contracts of sale and achieving the performance;
• c) perform the steps necessary to make implement the contractual relationship set up;
• d) comply with legal obligations as accounting, administrative and fiscal;
• e) resolving any after alerts to verify the information;
• f) sending business information - by e-mail, sms, mail, call centers and other systems communication - advertising material, information and promotion of products also similar than object of the Contract;
• g) to make - via e-mail, sms, mail, call centers and other communication systems - market research, economic analysis and statistics in order to verify the correct operation of services and customer satisfaction of them;
• h) develop personalized information about consumer habits and orientation of stakeholders;
Into event of Thirdly Consignee is different from Contractor, Pagnutti Bruna will provide to contact this subject in order to provide the due information about use of your personal information. Waiting such information will use only for the purposes of to the letters a), b), c), d) and e). We inform you that the conferment of data is necessary only for the finality a), b), c), d) and e): the lack of data would lead the impossibility you can run the order made. In other cases it is optional: the lacked bestowal preclude themselves able to achieve the purposes indicated above.The personal information in question, for purposes outlined above, shall also be performed by physical persons or corporations in Italy or abroad, which account for and / or on behalf of Burel Renato provide specific processing services or activities connected with, instrumental or supporting.
The information of the Contractors and / or third-party user will be able
be forwarded for above mentioned purposes also to:
• - anyone who is legitimate recipient of communications required by law or rules (such as, for example, offices and public authorities);
• - anyone beneficiary of communications required in execution of the obligation under by the service;
• - Society specializing in the management of third business information and related credit (such as, for example, data centers, banks, etc..).In addition, the information of Contractors and / or third-party user will be processed for the same purpose also by:
• - Company and / or employees for the operation of administrative services, which would provide for meet its legal or contractual obligations;
• - other players (firms, companies, physical) that collaborate to the realization of the Service. These partners work - in Italy, EU or extra EU - as responsible or agents duly appointed and trained.
All the data acquired may not be used by purposes others than those above and will be stored to the period necessary to achieve of the same. After that time, the data will canceled or transformed into anonymous data. On detailed data on shopping and services, use storage times may not exceed those set out by law.
This does not affect your right to carry at all time the rights in Article .7 (Access right to personal information and other rights) of the Code, and in particular: right to access your personal information, ask for rectification, updating and cancellation if incomplete, incorrect or collected in violation of existing legislation and oppose their treatment for legitimate reasons, a written request to Customer Service Burel Renato  Via Panoramica n.21 47854  Monte Colombo - Rimini.
To inform you that - under the D.P.R.178/2010 - is active on the Public Registry of Objections (RPO) which you can register free if not want to receive any calls indesiderate.L 'subscribe to the RPO preclude, in fact, the extraction of the phone number from the list telephone foreclosure any typeof treatment for advertising of direct marketing, market research or commercial communications by use of your phone, without distinction of business sector or market category. Companies operating telemarketing services will not, therefore, more contact you. The subscription to the RPO lasts until revocation in indefinite period. You may at any time reported data on enrollment. Access to the service of RPO can take place in 5 modes:
electronic form on the website, email, telephone, registered letter and fax. You can find all the info about website In every case your agreement to the processing of personal information express in the end of this privacy policy is valid - also in case of your subscription to the RPO - except in the event of a cancellation express request under Article. 7 of the Code under the conditions above mentioned under "Rights in question person."
Owner of treatment is Burel Renato Via Panoramica N. 21 - 47854 Monte Colombo - Rimini